Weland offers various types of steel walkways. Everywhere, where accessibility and safety needs improving, steel walkways can be used.


Weland offers various types of steel walkways. Everywhere, where accessibility and safety needs improving, steel walkways can be used.

Apart from the stocked Flex steel walkways, Weland can also make welded steel walkways to order in grating with associated railing according to a module system, which provides easy and quick assembly. Contact our experienced sales force, and they will tell you more about our welded steel walkways.

Steel walkways

Steel walkway Flex is constructed entirely of standard components. The whole steel walkway is screwed quickly and easily together on the installation site. The whole assembly is done without any welding. The width of the walkway is adjustable from 600 to 1300 mm, with an interval of 50 mm, and is available in lengths 2000, 3000 and 4000 mm. When standard components are used, steel walkway Flex is delivered within a couple of working days. The steel walkway can also be adapted to fit your own desires and requirements, then with a longer delivery time.


Landings for the walkway are made from grating and are available with various mesh widths. Denser materials such as plank type flooring are also available.

H3 Grating

Pressure welded grating with mesh width 34 x 37 mm.

H6 Grating

Pressure welded grating with mesh width 34 x 75 mm.

N6 Grating

Pressure welded grating with mesh width 17 x 75 mm.


The railing for the Steel walkway is of the type sectional railing and is available in several versions. What railing you need depends on child safety, environment and your own requirements for the walkway’s safety. Both handrails and intermediate rails are manufactured in stainless steel. Read more about stainless steel handrails here.

Railing, Round Bar

A railing focusing on form and design. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Intermediate Rail

The railing is provided with an intermediate rail and is an industrial railing. Not counted as childproof.

Railing, Sheet Metal

Railing in solid or perforated metal. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Woven wire mesh

Railing in crenelated mesh plate. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Glass

Railing filled with glass for an extra finish. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.


To create a decorative and pleasing milieu, our steel walkways can be provided with lighting. Lighting from the handrail can also act as a functional addition to light up unsafe environments. The construction is design protected.


Fixing can be carried out onto existing brackets or beams, or using adjustable support legs. Maximum distance between supports is three metres. The weight on the gangway is to be based on its width, the amount and type of railings, the grating used, and the length of support legs. The approximate weight with a 1000 mm wide gangway that has intermediate railings on one side is 33 kg/length metre. Additional weight examples can be found here. Contact our sales team for more information.

Support legs must be placed at every 3 metres. They are manufactured from Ø 42 mm steel tube. A threaded bush is pushed into the tube at the bottom end. A footplate, on which a threaded tube has been welded that fits in the threaded collar, provides an adjustment of 30 – 100 mm. Support legs must be placed one every 3 metres.

Cutting to the required length is carried out on site.

Size / side Part no. Stocked
350 / Left 174035001
350 / Right 174035011
600 / Left 174060001
600 / Right 174060011
1000 / Left 174100001
1000 / Right 174100011
Name Part no. Stocked
Threaded socket 174251

For the round support leg, there are footplates available, size 100 x 100 mm.

Name Part no. Stocked
Base Plate 17410101

The articulated footplate makes the support leg flexible
and is ideally used on inclined ground or roof pitches. It
replaces the fixed footplate that is included with the
round support leg.

Name Part no. Stocked
Articulated footplate 16530001

This narrower version of the footplate is particularly suitable for use with Flex footbridges that are to be sited on asphalt roofs. It is a good choice for use in instances where it is difficult to gain access under tongued and grooved board, e.g. where there are air gaps, insulated false ceilings, and furnished attics. The footplate acts as a load distributor and, at the same time, creates a better sealing layer.

Name Part no. Stocked
Footplate with raised sealing plate 165TP30001

A complete and adjustable support leg with adjustable length of 480 – 1600 mm. The support leg is made from square tube, CFCHS 60 x 60 x 3 mm, and is 1,450 mm long. The square tube is cut to the desired length in connection with installation.
The support leg is delivered complete with leg, foot, plastic end cap and necessary nuts and bolts. Support legs must be placed one every 3 metres.

Name Adjustable height (mm) Part no. Stocked
Support leg CFCHS 480-1600 1741650


Kick strip with a height of 130 mm can be installed on the gangway. The kick strip prevents objects from falling down from the gangway. Mounted with or without railing.

Surface treatment

Our steel walkways are hot dip galvanized as standard. In our own plant, the walways are surface treated to withstand great stress. The method provides a very robust protection against corrosion. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanized


Steel walkways

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