Weland offers most products needed to increase security and accessibility in various environments.

To increase the safety and accessibility in various environments, we have developed products such as, for example, anti-slip protection for gratings, combined contrast marking and anti-slip protection for ramps, staircases etc.

The products are available in different versions for varying areas of use.

Metal anti-slip strip

Slippery staircases and surfaces can be supplemented with this anti-slip strip in sheet metal. The strip has punched holes for increased anti-slip protection. The strip can also be used as contrast marking on stair treads where this is lacking. The strip is screwed to the underlying surface. We recommend c/c 300 mm spacing between the anti-slip strips.

Finish: Hot dip galvanized

Length x Width (mm) Part no. Stocked
791 x 40 HS0801
991 x 40 HS1001
1191 x 40 HS1201

Contrast Marking Non-slip

Contrast marking in black painted punched sheet metal. The profile is easy to fit to our staircases and steel ramps. Fastening material not included. Contrast marking is also available in other colours to order.

Finish: Painted

Length x Width (mm) Part no. Stocked
480 x 80 174804803
580 x 80 174805801
680 x 80 174806803
780 x 80 174807803
880 x 80 174808803
980 x 80 174809803
1080 x 80 1748010803
1180 x 80 1748011803
1280 x 80 1748012803
1380 x 80 1748013803
1480 x 80 1748014803

Anti-slip protection for grating

In winter, some gratings can become slippery through damp and ice. This particularly applies to entry gratings and staircases  in exposed locations. Weland has now developed a solution to the problem. Anti-slip protection in pressed stainless steel that can be pressed into place on the grate without any tools. The upper side has holes with upward pressed edges, providing very good anti-slip protection. The anti-slip protection is suitable for gratings with H and N mesh widths (c/c 33 and 17 mm) and A gratings with 33 x 11 mm mesh. Available for 20, 25 and 30 mm high gratings. We recommend 40 anti-slip inserts per m².

Finish: Stainless steel

For plank type Length x Width (mm) Part no. Stocked
Grating A33x11 60 x 40 HS10
Grating height 20 mm 60 x 40 HS20
Grating height 25 mm 60 x 40 HS25
Grating height 30 mm 60 x 40 HS30

Anti-slip protection, Black brush

Suitable for mesh opening 25 x 9 with load bearing steel dimensions 2 to 3 mm. Dimensions 23 x 7 mm. We recommend 400-700 brushes per m², depending on the type of grating. This variant of anti-slip protection is not dependent on any specific mesh size.

Length x Width (mm) Part no. Stocked
23 x 7 HSBORST


  Product manual edition 7

Installation instructions Anti-slip protection for grating