We make mezzanines that can be adapted to the most variable environments and areas of use, both indoors and outdoors. With our flexible and easy to install mezzanines, you can quickly gain access to additional space in places such as warehouses, offices, or production facilities.

With a Weland mezzanine, you can create additional space in your existing premises if ceiling height allows. Installing a mezzanine gives you an extra floor, freeing up valuable floor space that can be used more efficiently in your day to day business operations. Investing in a mezzanine is a cost-effective way of creating more square footage and relieving you of the necessity to extend or move to new premises as your business grows. We customise our mezzanines so that they optimise the warehouse, office, industrial space, sports facility, restaurant, or other premises or environment into which they are installed. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be quickly assembled or disassembled should your circumstances change you and need to restore the premises.

Each mezzanine consists of a cantilevered framework made from our lightweight and durable Sigma beam system. The well thought out design makes installation both quick and easy.  We develop and manufacture all our mezzanines at our production facility in Smålandsstenar. Backed by our team of skilled employees – who cover everything from product development to production – we make sure that the result ends up exactly how you envisioned it. We work with you all the way from planning to delivery.