We provide various types of railing in steel for mezzanines, galleries, balconies, terraces, gangways etc. The choice of railing is determined by the environment and application.

Flexible railings for screening and safety

Delimit and secure your environment with flexible and easy-to-assemble high-quality guardrails from Weland. The different types of rails have many different applications and can be used, among other things, for mezzanines, treatment plants, loft aisles, balconies, boundaries for roads and cycling paths and to create a safe demarcation in industrial environments. Our range consists mainly of two different models – sectional railings and universal railings. The railings are manufactured in our factory in Smålandsstenar. We keep many models in stock for fast delivery.

All of the railings are made of steel and are usually surface treated by hot dip galvanizing. It is a highly efficient and proven surface treatment option that provides high quality and a very long service life. We can also offer painted railings in most colors.

Railings from Weland consist of sections in different designs that give you great flexibility and facilitate adaptations for different types of environments. Choose from many different materials, handrails and other customizable parts to create a railing solution that suits your specific preferences. You can also equip your railings with lighting, gates and other smart accessories.

With Weland as your railings supplier, you get a committed and experienced partner with considerable expertise. We work together to develop high quality railings for your project.