Planning and Design, Straight Flight Staircases


With many years' experience, we are happy to help you with guidance and advice during planning and design. On ordering, each staircase is drawn up specially and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing.

Gradient rise

In order for a staircase to be comfortable to walk on, a certain relationship between the incline angle, the rise and the tread width is required. Preferably the staircase's gradient should be between 30° and 45°; however, the available space is frequently limited making it impossible to attain the ideal gradient.

From the table, you can read off the suitable rise and tread width for a given staircase incline.

If you don't know the staircase angle, but, on the other hand, know the projection, you can divide the projection (L) by the staircase height (H), and look up the nearest figure to the right in the table.

Projection (L) = 3500 mm
Staircase height (H) = 2500 mm

L/H = 3500/2500 = 1.4, which gives the staircase angle 35°

Staircase angle Suitable riser Suitable tread width Relationship projection/staircase height*
60° 240 130-160 0.58
57° 230-240 160 0.65
55° 230 160-200 0.70
52° 220-230 160-200 0.78
50° 220 200 0.84
47° 210-220 200 0.93
45° 210 200-230 1.0
42° 200-210 230 1.11
40° 200 230-260 1.19
37° 190 260 1.33
35° 180-190 260-300 1.43
32° 175 300 1.6
30° 170 300 1.73

Dimensions, stringer profile WUC

The WUC profile is manufactured from 3, 4 or 5 mm sheet steel at heights of 120 and 170 mm. For other load cases, contact Weland.

Values for WUC profile according to table.

Type of stringer A
Tensile strength
Wy cm³
WUC 120/3 120 55 22 3 28,1
WUC 170/3 170 55 25 3 46,1
WUC 170/4 170 55 25 4 59,0
WUC 170/5 170 55 25 5 70,6
WUC 200/5 200 55 25 5 89,3


Childproof means that none of the openings in the staircase are permitted to be larger than 100 mm up to a railing height of 800 mm.

Fixing and bracing

Straight flight staircases have different fixing and bracing alternatives depending on the size of the staircase. In the case of small staircases, fixing angles may be sufficient. Larger staircases may need both support beams and brackets.

We help you with the right fixing and bracing.

Fixing angles

Angle brackets for staircase and landing stringers.


Bracket under landing stringers.

Support legs

Support leg and angle bracket under landing stringers.

Support beam

Support beam and support leg under landing.

Single flight staircases

Single flight staircases from a few steps to an entire staircase up to the next storey and step-off. The staircase does not turn with a turning landing. Single flight staircases can be produced in several different versions. Below, there are three different examples.

Single flight staircases, variant 1

Top tread one rise below existing step-off level.

Single flight staircases, variant 2

Top tread at the same level as existing step-off level.

Single flight staircases, variant 3

Staircase with landing at the top.

Multi-flight staircases

Multi-flight staircases are staircases linked together with turning landings. This allows very tall staircases to be made.


Weland offers various types of standard landings. The landings are available in several versions and materials. Any design of landing and turning landing can be made to order. The landing can also be extended to make a platform/balcony.

Landing/turning landing 90°

Variant of turning or intermediate landing. 

Landing/turning landing 180°

Variant of turning or intermediate landing.

Landing, step-off straight forwards

Variant of square landing, where the staircase runs straight up to a door or floor joists.

Landing, step-off to the side

Variant of square landing, where the staircase runs at the side up to a door or floor joists.

Landing, step-off with widened landing

Variant of square landing, where the staircase runs up to a platform.

Railing Sheet Metal

As standard we offer a variety of hole patterns for perforated sheet metal.
Our most common patterns are:

  • ø15, square pattern c/c 40
  • 15x15, square pattern c/c 40
  • ø20, square pattern c/c 50
  • 20x20, square pattern c/c 50
  • ø15, triangular pattern c/c 50
  • ø20, triangular pattern c/c 60

Other alternatives can also be provided.

Fire resistance rating R30

We also offer spiral staircases with fire resistance rating R30. Requests for specific sizing should be stated in the contract documents.