Planning and design, Sectional railing


The railings are normally delivered from stock and are easily adapted by the fitter. This makes it possible to install without making detailed measurements prior to delivery. If the railings are to be delivered customised from the factory, each sectional railing is drawn up specially and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing.

Side installation

Balusters and brackets for side mounting.
Here, there are a number of different standard versions. For fixing to concrete, a baluster with base plate welded on is used. For fixing to our Flex gangways, a railing baluster without base plate and only through holes is used. For our mezzanines, an extended railing baluster is needed, these are also available as standard in a number of different lengths.


Top installation

Baluster and fixing for top installation.
The baluster is manufactured with a base plate at the bottom.

Clamp for handrail

The joint is placed so it is covered by the handrail clamp.

Wall mount

Wall mount for fixing the handrail to the wall.

Kick strip

Kick strip for railing with intermediate rail. Height 130 mm. Delivered in 3 metre lengths. Includes drill screw.

Joint plate

Joint plate for 42x1.5 mm stainless steel handrail.

Cutting railing handrails to size

Suitable tool for adjusting length of stainless steel tube.

Corner railing

For our sectional railing, we also off corner railing. These are stocked for sectional railing Intermediate and Round Bar.  We also offer solutions with a pivotable handrail.

Railing infill

There is a number of stock formats for our sectional railing Intermediate and Round Bar.

Railing Sheet Metal

As standard we offer a variety of hole patterns for perforated sheet metal.
Our most common patterns are:

  • ø15, square pattern c/c 40
  • 15x15, square pattern c/c 40
  • ø20, square pattern c/c 50
  • 20x20, square pattern c/c 50
  • ø15, triangular pattern c/c 50
  • ø20, triangular pattern c/c 60

Other alternatives can also be provided.

Film sectional railing assembly