The Weland group reduces its energy needs

We are constantly striving to minimise our impact on the environment. Our energy consultant Steve Nyström helps the Weland Group map the company’s energy footprint and provides advice about how we can reduce our energy consumption.

When he started to investigate our premises, he identified a number of points to work on – everything from ventilation and process heating, to compressors.

“I start by looking at how much energy is being consumed and where, be it heating, ventilation, or in processes,” says Nyström. “I then look for energy ‘leaks’ and propose measures to tackle them. Some measures, such as changes to settings, can be implemented immediately, whilst others may require greater investment.

In industry, it’s often the case that small changes can deliver significant cost savings but also prove to have an important bearing on a company’s environmental impact,” concludes Nyström.

Published: 2023-11-28