JOS spiral staircase – a lightweight environmental champion

Our new JOS spiral staircase has been developed with sustainability in focus. Key: 30% lower weight and 46% less climate impact compared to a traditional spiral staircase.

“It’s the design of the new spiral staircase that means that it weighs less and enables us to use a higher proportion of recycled steel in the manufacturing process. But it’s the low weight that’s enabled us to reduce the environmental impact of the staircase so much,” says Mattias Andersson, Marketing and Sustainability Manager at Weland AB.

The concept, design, and development of the staircase are the handiwork of one man, Jan-Olof Svensson, whose initials give the product its name. “The Product Development department was tasked with producing a staircase that both was different to the traditional spiral staircase and had as low an environment impact as possible,” says Svensson, who, after working in product development at Weland for several decades, recently retired.

Room for improvement
The JOS spiral staircase falls well below the generic threshold set up by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) in its climate database, which has been built to help the construction and property industries to make sustainable choices. In fact, Weland’s traditional galvanized steel staircases also fall well under the threshold. But at Weland we always want that little bit more. “As a manufacturing company, we know that there’s always room for improvement. We will continue to challenge ourselves, no matter whether this takes the form of refining our existing products or developing new ones,” says Andersson.

The entire life cycle of a staircase in a single document
The environmental impact of the new spiral staircase has been analysed by an independent third party, and that analysis has been published in an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).  “The EPD shows the cumulative environmental impact of the staircase throughout its service life, and we are proud over having succeeded in achieving our targets. A significantly lower environmental impact compared to a traditional steel staircase – exactly what we were aiming for,” says Andersson.

The JOS spiral staircase, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, is made up of four main components. Rail infill and steps made from zinc-magnesium plated sheet metal. Stainless steel handrails. Floor made from hot-rolled and galvanized perforated plate sheet metal, and a central tube made from hot-rolled and galvanized steel.

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EPD, issued by an independent third party S-P-12557 – JOS Spiral Staircase (
You can access the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning climate database for the relevant product group at

Published: 2024-05-24