Maintenance-free despite exposed position

When Rixöbryggan was given the contact to build a bridge at the port in Grebbestad for Tanum Municipality, there was a number of criteria that needed to be satisfied. The bridge needed to be designed to handle heavy vehicle traffic, as loads coming off the ships arriving at the port were to be unloaded by truck. Drivable grating was deemed to be an appropriate material to use on the bridge, and this is where Weland, naturally, came into the picture, being not only a company that could supply the grating itself but also provide technical support during the design process.

The bridge also had to be able to withstand exposure to some of the harshest weather conditions, including wind and sea water, year after year. Therefore, it was hot-dip galvanized to a higher class by subsidiary Zinken Weland. Normally, this type of grating is hot-dip galvanized to class C3, but for this project the higher C4 class was used.

“Grating is the perfect choice for this type of environment as it has a very high carrying capacity in relation to its weight. In addition, it doesn’t need to be blasted during the winter as it lets snow pass through. Essentially, it’s maintenance-free,” says Jakob Josefsson, Salesman at Weland AB.

Close contact

Throughout the project, Weland maintained close contact with the designers at Rixöbryggan, working together to develop a bridge that met the requirements and expectations of both the client and those who were to have the bridge as their place of work.

“For us, Weland was the natural choice to partner with. They are grating experts and offer both good products and a high level of expertise. Because this bridge was subject to some stringent requirements, we felt confident that we had Weland’s knowledge of load requirements backing us up. We’ve worked with Weland several times in the past and have always been satisfied,” concludes Tomas Helgesson, Production Manager at Rixöbryggan.

Published: 2023-07-05