Sectional railing with perforated sheet metal


Weland has a large range of sectional railing. This railing is used predominately in industry and in public areas.

As standard, the sectional railing is manufactured with 40 x 40 x 3 mm railing posts in CFHRS section with fixings for side installation or top installation. The railing can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, you can order variants of the standard design, for example with wooden handrails, varnished, with fillings against walls, bends etc. Please contact us for advice on your project.


We manufacture several different models of sectional railing. All models are quickly and easily installed without welding; the handrail fastens to the railing posts using clamps and is then screwed into place. The railing can also be provided with corner sections. Round bar railing and intermediate rail are stocked for quick delivery.

Railing, Round Bar

A railing focusing on form and design. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Intermediate Rail

The railing is provided with an intermediate rail and is an industrial railing. Not counted as childproof.

Railing, Sheet Metal

Railing in solid or perforated metal. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Mesh

Railing in crenelated mesh plate. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Glass

Railing filled with glass for an extra finish. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.


Normally, our handrails are manufactured in a stainless untreated finish. We also offer a wide range of other types of materials and surface treatments. We can also equip our handrails with lighting.


Stainless steel






To create a decorative and pleasing milieu, all of our sectional railings can be provided with lighting. Lighting from the handrail can also act as a functional addition to light up unsafe environments. 

Surface treatment

Our sectional railings are hot dip galvanised as standard. In our own plant, the railings are surface treated to withstand great stress. The method provides a very robust protection against corrosion. We also have modern painting shops at our disposal and can deliver railings for all environments in most colours. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.


Stainless steel

Hot dip galvanised


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