Weland grating


Historically, floor gratings have been the backbone of Weland's business. They are manufactured in many different versions for the most varied of applications. In this section, you can find all imaginable uses for grating. You can also find everything needed for planning, design and assembly. Our gratings are also used as components in our wheelchair ramps, walkways, mezzanines, ramps and staircases.

Floor grating for various environments

At Weland, you will find Swedish-made, high quality gratings. Floor grating is an industrial grade steel grating, which is popularly used for pedestrian traffic, particularly for entrances. It is also used for vehicular traffic. Floor grating is used as components in many of Weland's products, such as mezzanines, wheelchair ramps,walkways, ramps, staircases and stair treads.

Weland manufactures floor gratings in many different mesh widths, materials as well as surface treatments. This makes it easy to find the right type of floor grating for different environments and applications.

There are a few things you need to consider when selecting floor grating. They include where and how it will be used, the load carrying capacity, as well as permeability in terms of objects and light. To make it even easier to choose the correct grating, we have compiled a glossary with all the names we use to describe floor grating.

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