Quality and environment


Quality, experience, knowledge, and environmental considerations have strengthened our business and made us a success. With our own rational manufacturing and a strong focus on sustainability, customers should see us as a long-term and environmentally friendly supplier.

Sustainability report

Like all manufacturing companies, we have an environmental impact. We want to minimise this impact by making well thought through material choices, sustainable energy use, and smart energy production. Quality and innovation are central considerations in our question to develop our business in a sustainable way.

Weland's sustainability work is based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They give us clear direction and guidance going forwards in order to achieve our own sustainability goals. The sustainability report shows how, in concrete terms, we tie our work into the sustainable development goals in order to achieve our own sustainability objectives. In its pages, you can also read about the status and see more information about both completed and ongoing sustainability projects. You can find the entire report at the bottom of this page.

Environmental policy

Production operations are central for Weland AB and are conducted in a manner consistent with sound environmental practice. We carry out effective environmental work by constantly developing our production processes to achieve better utilisation of materials and energy. Weland AB will endeavour to minimise its impact on the environment to achieve sustainable development. Weland AB’s environmental programme will bring market-related and financial benefits, and customers will see us as an environmentally conscious option.

Mainstays for our environmental work:

  • Conserve energy and natural resources.
  • Residual waste must be minimised, sorted at source and as far as possible recycled.
  • Satisfy or exceed environmental requirements set out in laws and ordinances, and comply with other requirements that relate to us.
  • Prevent environmental risks.
  • Use modern technology.

Quality policy

Weland AB is a unique industry. A high rate of investment, combined with the desire to constantly improve and develop are important for Weland.
Our strength and competitive edge are based on satisfying our customers by delivering the right quality products at the right time and at the right price to provide both ourselves and our customers with the best overall value.

Mainstays for our quality work:

  • Each delivery should constitute a recommendation for future deals.
  • Agreed delivery times must be achieved.
  • Internal quality deficiency costs must be rectified.
  • Measures must be based on facts, on a holistic view of the operation and with a long-term perspective.
  • We must satisfy the demands placed on us.
  • Work to achieve constantly improved quality.