Welding school at Weland

The challenge of recruiting welders gave us the incentive to start our own welding school.
– We limited ourselves to an intake of three students in order to ensure that we were in a position to give them the best possible support, says Production Manager Albin Holm.

The students are working on probationary terms with a basic salary during their training period, which runs for about 6 months. It is then hoped that the students will be taken on as welders. The training is given in collaboration with Andon Robotics, who will be providing the theoretical portion of the course.

– The idea is to start with a new group in the spring or early summer. If you’ve had previous welding experience it’s an advantage, but not a requirement. We’re particularly interested in hearing from female applicants. The labour market is hot right now, and the job is well paid, says Holm.

Published: 2023-02-21