Opportunities for development at Weland

Anton Hjalmarsson is one of our youngest employees. He came to us straight from school and started work as a salesman last summer.

“I got in touch with Sales Manager Fredrik Albinsson and was given the chance to come here and introduce myself,” says Hjalmarsson. “A week after I finished school, I was hired as a salesman!”

Hjalmarsson issues quotes to customers, registers orders, and gives customers the best possible level of service!

”It feels great to be given so much trust without having any training to speak of or experience in the area,” says Hjalmarsson. “Weland believes that everyone who wants to learn can learn. It’s no coincidence that so many people stay with the company for years. You really get the chance to develop and learn from experienced colleagues, which in turn enables you to work your way up in the company. As long as you’re willing to learn and have drive, the sky’s the limit in the Weland Group!”

Published: 2022-10-18