Lina keeps a check on Weland’s finances

Lina Forsberg is one of our crack team of financial experts! She had a summer job with us when she was younger, and was employed immediately after graduating from university in 2019.

The Weland Group is made up of just over 30 companies, and Forsberg handles the bookkeeping and accounting for 11 of them.

– It’s a very instructive and exciting job that gives me an insight into how the whole work flow operates. Because I look after several different types of company, I’ve been able to learn how each business works. It involves a lot of freedom with responsibility, combined with a whole host of detective work to boot.

Opportunity for development

– Weland is a secure and stable place to work, and an organisation that cares about its employees. You have the opportunity to grow by acquiring the knowledge of skilled colleagues and the opportunity to try out new work areas within the company.

– We also have fantastic staff benefits such as family activities, health care, and excellent food in our staff kitchen!”

Published: 13.05.2024