More efficient building projects

Weland AB is a proud supplier to the construction industry and, to ensure that our partnership with customers works as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we offer a whole host of different tools. We know the many benefits of having as much information available as possible in the early stages of the planning process, regardless of the size of the building project.  This may include detailed information about the installation itself, any attachments, the sharing of information via IFC files, or anything else that can make things easier for those carrying out the work.

Weland’s IFC models – an interactive installation tool
In order to give you a clear overview and good control over the products we supply to projects, we can share information with you in the form of IFC files. These files contain a detailed 3D visualisation of components and their location, giving the installation team a good tool that enables them to prepare and plan right down to the smallest detail. The same data also allows the team to identify and resolve potential problems so that they do not occur at the building site and cause delays.

What is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)?
IFC works as a “common language”, enabling information to be transferred between different software solutions. It simplifies building projects as allows the purchaser, for example a developer, to collect and share information with everyone involved in the project.

Instructions and videos
To make things easy for you, we have brought together all our installation instructions and installation videos in a single location. You can find information about the various attachment options available under their respective product group.

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Published: 2024-06-14