Developed together with Weland

Tommie Lindström is one of our redoubtable service and maintenance engineers. He makes sure that the tube laser cutting machines work exactly as they should, provides support to operators, and resolves any problems that may arise with the machines.

A typical working day starts with Lindström jumping on his scooter with fully loaded toolbox in hand to set off on a tour around the department to see if any machines need working on. 

– I do a circuit to check in with the operators and to make sure that everything’s working. I often find that mechanical components need to be serviced and freshened up on a daily basis in order for the machines to be compliant with tolerances. Because I used to work as an operator in the department, I can also chip in and help operators when they need it, such as with drawings or components that need to be edited in the drawing software.

Lindström appreciates the variety of his job and the camaraderie he enjoys with his colleagues.

– We have a staff club that organises a whole host of activities, our own gym, and a fantastic staff canteen!

But, according to Lindström, the best thing is that there is scope to develop at Weland. 

– In my experience, if you show what you can do and are goal-focused, you will be given the opportunity to grow and develop. It’s a place where you feel seen and appreciated!

Published: 13.05.2024