Ida, focused on logistics

Ida Thunberg has been working with internal logistics, procurement, and transport agreements at Weland AB for the past 15 years. She is now also Administration Manager at Weland Solutions.

Opportunities for development at Weland

Anton Hjalmarsson is one of our youngest employees. He came to us straight from school and started work as a salesman last summer.

Solange improves Weland’s material use

Solange Nordström works in production improvement in the plan laser department at Weland AB in Smålandsstenar. She joined the company 8 years ago, working as a laser operator in production.

Meet Weland at Elmia Subcontractor

On 15-17 November, we will be at Elmia Subcontractor, the largest trade fair for subcontractors in Northern Europe and the most important meeting place for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry.

Health for all

A couple of years ago, we rolled out our biggest health initiative ever. As part of this, we have now launched Weland Active in Smålandsstenar, just a stone’s throw away from our production facility. More than 2000 square metres full of health for all our employees!

It’s about feeling

The French balcony, a design concept that found a foothold in Sweden in the late 19th century, is definitely here to stay. It has many advantages over a standard window.

Christina has transports nailed

A safe and stable workplace that affords opportunities to grow and develop in your job. This is the recipe for success that convinced Christina Forsberg to stay at Weland AB for 22 years.

Step into the Weland stand at Nordbygg

You can now walk around an interactive virtual model of the Weland stand at Nordbygg.

New edition of the Product Handbook has arrived

The latest edition of our popular Product Handbook is now winging its way to our customers and suppliers

Weland Group to go big on Nordbygg in April

On 26 April, Nordbygg will be opening the doors to a new, exciting trade fair, and this year we will be pulling out all the stops.