Summer vacation hours

To provide the best service to our customers, our sales and our warehouse are open all summer. Weland wishes you a pleasant summer!

Christina has transports nailed

A safe and stable workplace that affords opportunities to grow and develop in your job. This is the recipe for success that convinced Christina Forsberg to stay at Weland AB for 22 years.

Weland Group to go big on Nordbygg in April

On 26 April, Nordbygg will be opening the doors to a new, exciting trade fair, and this year we will be pulling out all the stops.

A permanent pause

Things don’t always turn out the way you imagine. It’s something that Isak Hulander knows only too well.

Our hot-dip galvanised steel products now EPD certified

Närbild på spiraltrappa räcke varmförzinkad

A key part of our sustainability work has been getting ahead of the game and EPD certifying our hot-dip galvanised steel products.

Ergonomic storage equipment

Weland’s storage equipment creates the right conditions for efficient stock handling.

World-class laser cutting

When it comes to laser cutting, Weland is very much at the vanguard of development.

Gratings – the silent hero

Gratings are a type of product that many people associate with Weland.

Carl builds customer relations

As a salesperson at Weland AB, Carl Persson is in close contact with our customers.

Sustainability Report

Like all manufacturing companies, we have an environmental footprint. It is a footprint we seek to minimise.