Folding Staircase


Our folding staircase is an excellent alternative to a permanent structure, where there are variable differences in level, for example, down to hatches on tankers. The folding staircase is held in stock for immediate delivery.

Our folding staircase is primarily used in the petrochemical industry, but also in environments where a permanent staircase design is not possible. 

Folding Staircase

The folding gangway steps, which are jointed, consist of a number of grating treads with parallel stringers, rubber clad support bellows, railings on both sides as well as the fixings. Two dampers on the side, makes the gangway easy to handle. Folding gangway steps are supplied ready assembled and are stocked with 3, 4, 5 and 6 treads. 

Finish: Hot dip galvanised


Number of treads Part No. A1-measure (mm) A2-measure (mm) A3-measure (mm) H1-measure (mm) H2-measure (mm) Max. width Stocked
3 steg 181310101 373 830 756 637 289 825  
4 steg 181410101 455 1070 974 862 391 825  
5 steg 181510101 537 1310 1191 1088 492 825  
6 steg 181610101 619 1550 1409 1314 594 825