Pull-out units for pallet racks


Weland Pull-out Units for pallet racks make the work easier when handling picked goods on pallets and increase the efficiency of the stock handling. With easily-accessible goods, the work place becomes more ergonomic.

Many strain and repetitive strain injuries that are often caused during material handling can be avoided by following a couple of simple measures. The easily accessible goods and the right tool provide the workplace with an ergonomically correct design. The pull-out units involve several advantages for the stock handling. Picking work becomes easier and productivity increases. The pull-out function allows the distance between the shelves to be smaller, which means a more efficient utilisation of the overall volume of the warehouse.

Pull-out units

Our pull-out units are available in versions for loads of 700 kg and 1000 kg. This is a low-build design that is suitable for most pallet rack models. The beam model is intended for installation on the horizontal supporting beams in a pallet rack. In the floor version, the pull-out unit is equipped with four support legs to enable handling with trucks. The raised handle of the floor model makes pulling it out easier and provides a comfortable working posture. The pull-out unit is released by a simple hand manoeuvre and is automatically locked in the lowest position. The locking device is easily operated and has entrapment protection. Pull-out capacity 65 - 70%.
Delivered fully assembled, only needs to be lifted on to the supporting beams.
Max. load: 700 kg or 1000 kg.



In the floor version, the pull-out unit is supplemented with a floor kit containing four feet and handle.

Can be ordered as picking shelve with covered shelf.

Can be ordered with metal box suitable for pallet collar.

Surface treatment

As standard, the pull-out unit is lacquered in RAL 5010. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Lacquered RAL 5010


Assembly & Instructions for Use, Pull-out Unit 600 kg

Assembly & Instructions for Use, Pull-out Unit 1000 kg

Instructions for installation and use Pallet rack