Steel Pallets


Weland Steel Pallet is a stackable pallet that is suitable for both internal and external handling. The design of the steel pallet is suitable for the load platform of goods vehicles and can be stacked compactly for minimal space.

Weland stacking steel pallets are usable in most contexts, both for internal as well as external handling. The pallet's size is 1200 x 800 mm and it can be handled using all types of fork lift truck. Maximum load is 1200 kg.

Steel Pallets

The rounded foot restraints on which the pallet stands, together with the socket tube, make the steel pallets very stable when stacked. The steel pallets facilitate stock-keeping and minimise empty space during freight handling. The socket tube is 900 mm high, but it can be ordered in different heights to meet the customer's wishes. Empty pallets are loaded compactly, thereby taking up the minimum space.

Surface treatment

The steel pallets can be delivered in three different finishes, painted in the colour of your choice, untreated and hot dip galvanised. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.



Hot dip galvanised