Storage equipment, pallet rack


Our pallet racks are designed with the focus on the future needs for rational material handling. The design contributes to a well thought-out functionality with great safety.

The pallet rack's design contributes to a well thought-out functionality with a high level of safety. For the maximum load-bearing capacity, both the end panel posts and support beams are made from closed profiles. All components are hot-dip galvanised. All screws needed for assembly are enclosed on delivery. We can also offer customised lengths.

End panels

Weland's end panels are manufactured as standard in three different end panel depths, 500, 800 and 1100 mm, where the height of the end panels can vary from 1500 to 13,000 mm in intervals of 500 mm. Other end panel depths and heights can be made to order. The load can vary from 10,000 up to 17,500 kg/section depending on the type of construction. The post width is always 110 mm.


Support beam

The lengths are made in three different standards, with freespan dimensions of 1850, 2700 and 3600 mm. The support beams are available in five different heights from 80 to 160 mm at 20 mm intervals. The load depends on the height of the supporting beam, between 200 - 2400 kg/pallet. The support beams can be placed at height intervals of 50 mm.


Manufactured for both floor and support beam assembly.
Provides good ergonomics during direct picking from a pallet in a pallet rack. It is placed on the floor.

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This is mounted on the floor and provides effective protection against collisions with trucks. Height 400 mm.
Other variants of post protection can be supplied.


Post protection, floor 400 Part no.
Standard 195121900169
For placement on asphalt 195121900165

End panel protection for both single and double pallet racks. Used for both external end panels and truck aisles to prevent injuries in the event of collisions. Height 400 mm.


End panel protection Part no.
Simple 195121900187
Double 195121900197

Net grating for end panel and long side, which is mounted along the support beams to prevent goods from falling out of the pallet rack.

This is installed on the rear edge of the pallet racks to prevent the pallets from being pushed in too far.

If the posts need strengthening, we offer a post reinforcement. The section can be assembled afterwards with good result.

Two load versions: max. 600 kg/m² or max. 1000 kg/m². Width 880 mm.  We also offer shelving in other widths.

This is placed on the support beams and provides a closed shelf, e.g. for goods that do not lie on a pallet. Width 442 mm. We also offer shelving in other widths.

Acts as protection against falling objects and as a shelf for lighter goods without pallet. Load max. 1000 kg/m². Width 880 mm. We also offer shelving in other widths.

Usually used for half-pallets but it can also be used as pallet support for heavily loaded pallets.

Placed between the support beams for use during long-side handling.

Acts as support for flat goods without pallets.

Simplifies the handling of barrels and drums in the pallet rack.

Placed under the footplates to distribute the load on asphalt surfaces. Manufactured in hot dip galvanised sheet metal.


Name Part no.
Asphalt box 19517060158

Used with double racks and is available in dimensions 150 - 500 mm.

Surface treatment

All components for our pallet racks are hot dip galvanised as standard. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanised


Instructions for installation and use Pallet rack

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