Cantilever racks


Weland Cantilever Racks are designed to be flexible so they are suitable for all types of warehouse space. With hot dip galvanisation as standard, the cantilever racks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In single and double versions, the cantilever racks turn the storage premises into an easy to grasp and easy to operate part of the company's logistics function. With variable height and length for the sections and arms, the cantilever racks can be erected to suit the most variable of conditions, which makes our cantilever racks a flexible solution for all types of spaces.

Single cantilever rack

Our single cantilever rack has support arms placed on one side of the column, which makes it a space-saving alternative. The total depth for the single cantilever rack varies between 700 - 2200 mm depending on the arm length and load.

Double cantilever rack

When there is a need for increased storage space, a double cantilever rack is used, i.e. support arms are placed on both sides of the column. The total depth for the double cantilever rack varies between 1200 - 4000 mm depending on the arm length and load.


To further maximise the storage space, grating shelves can be used on the support arms so goods of varying sizes can be placed along the entire cantilever rack. This makes handling goods considerably easier and increases the safety in the workplace.

To minimise the risk for a pipe or similar object rolling off the cantilever rack, the cantilever rack's support arms and lower beams can be equipped with end stops.

When the cantilever rack is placed on asphalt, an asphalt foot has to be used, which is anchored in the ground.

Surface treatment

The cantilever racks are made from hot dip galvanised material, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanised



Instructions for installation and use Cantilever rack