Fire extinguish gratings


Weland Fire Extinguish Grating is a grating with the ability to suffocate a fire and can extinguish an oil fire in three seconds. The grating has been specially developed for fire extinguishing pits, for example, in transformer substations.

Thanks to its unique design, Weland Fire Extinguish Grating has the ability to put out oil fires rapidly. In the event of a burning oil fire, the oil runs through the perforations in the grating and is quenched thanks to the characteristics of the fire-protection grating.

Fire extinguish gratings

Weland Fire Extinguish Grating is extremely corrosion resistant and is suitable for industrial areas with an aggressive climate. Other uses can be in the offshore and petrochemicals industries. Thanks to lightweight sections, the fire extinguish grating is easy to install and remove, for example, during repairs and maintenance. The grating is non-slip, R11 slip resistance class, and all openings are ø10 mm or less, which means small objects cannot fall through. The grating is dimensioned for a point load of 1.5 kN or a distributed load of 5 kN/m².

Tests performed by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology show very good results with an extinction time of just three seconds. The results also show that there is no damage or discolouration on the product after a fire. Read the report via one of our sales reps.

Weland Fire Extinguish Grating is pattern protected (no. 005650389) and patent pending (app. no. 18195722.6).

Standard Fire Extinguish Grating

In most cases, the Weland Fire Extinguish Grating is delivered complete, including support sections.

As standard, fire extinguish gratings are manufactured in the profile width 150 mm, but they can also be adapted to the pit's dimensions. The maximum length is 3980 mm.

Angle bar seating profiles and support line with square tube supports legs are included.

Start and end profiles are supplied with width 150 mm. The maximum length 3 980 mm.


As accessories, there are diverse parts that simplify operation and examination in the pit.

If earthing is of interest, we can offer threaded holes, e.g. for earthing braid.

To gain easy access below the extinguish grating, we offer an inspection hatch. During assembly, additional support lines are delivered and, in those cases where the pit is deep, a ladder is also delivered for easier accessibility.

Surface treatment

All materials are hot dip galvanised according to SS-EN ISO 1461. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanised