Grating, in flexible Corten grating


When you believe your requirement for gratings are impossible, our flexible grating may be the solution for you.

Our flexible grating is made based entirely on the customer's wishes. We are creating entirely new opportunities for how a grating should look.

Flexible grating

With our flexible grating, the choices are not determined by any special height for the grating or dimensions for the mesh width. The size of the mesh does not need to be the same across the whole surface, which can provide new and interesting patterns. For example, cross bars and load bearing bars can be angled and the cross bar does not need to be completely pressed down against the load bearing bar, instead, it can be ordered with any height as wished. Nor are we limited by the material from which we manufacture the grating. We can manufacture gratings in many different materials, such as Corten, for example.

Heavy-duty grating

Grating can also be manufactured as an extremely heavy-duty grating that withstands very high spot loads. This is suitable for heavy traffic, as in the paper, petrochemical, process and engineering industries. As standard, the grating comes in the hot-dipped galvanised version, but is also available in other materials, such as Corten, aluminium and copper. The benefits and applications are infinite.

The gratings are made to order.