Mezzanine Planning and Design


The mezzanines are designed and offered by Weland. On receiving an order, our experienced designers draw the entire mezzanine, including railings and connections. The drawing is submitted to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing the mezzanine.

Planning and Design

We will be pleased to answer any queries you might have concerning dimensioning, drawing and planning of mezzanines. In the following, we have compiled some information that may be useful to bear in mind when requesting tenders and placing your order.

It will make things easier for us if you can provide a simple sketch with measurements and dimensions describing the design you want to order. The sketch of the mezzanine should show where the support legs are to be placed, which sides need railings and if a gate is needed for lifts to the mezzanine. Any point loads must be specified, e.g. heavy objects on support legs which gives a high load on a small area.

  • For what purpose does the mezzanine need to be dimensioned? Pedestrian traffic, storage area, offices etc.
    Will hand trucks be used?
  • In what environment will mezzanine be placed? Indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the mezzanine freestanding?
  • Which sides connect to a wall?? Can the mezzanine be braced against a wall?
  • Where can any cross braces be placed?
  • Height to the top or bottom edge of the mezzanine?
  • What type of flooring? Grating, chipboard or plank type flooring.
  • What type of railing? We offer several different versions.
  • Is a gate needed for lifting objects on to the mezzanine? We also have solutions for this.
  • Do you want a staircase up to the mezzanine?


Weland supplies materials in accordance with the drawing, and installation is carried out by the customer in accordance with the instructions. Alternatively, Weland can recommend fitters. All parts and components are screwed together during assembly and installation. No welding is required during assembly.