Mezzanine with Sigma beam


With a Weland Mezzanine you can build an extra floor level – to take advantage of the entire volume of your premises and effectively increase the floor space of your existing premises. We manufacture mezzanines for both indoor and outdoor use.

Weland mezzanines are built as a cantilevered framework using our very own, in-house produced, lightweight Sigma beams. The entire structure is screwed together on site. Well thought-out fittings and pre-punched holes in the Sigma sections allow for fast and simple assembly. We use selected and proven products in our mezzanines, such as railing systems, staircases and load gates. Different flooring alternatives make our mezzanines some of the market's most flexible mezzanines. All components are hot dip galvanised as standard, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


A mezzanine flooring can be designed in different ways and with different materials. Depending the application and safety requirements, one of the following alternatives is the most common.


Grating is available in a number of different designs, mesh widths and dimensions depending on your wishes for bearing capacity, permeability (objects, light, liquids, sprinkling) and anti-slip protection.

Chipboard flooring

Chipboard flooring with direct laminated surface provides a hard-wearing and easily cleaned floor. Chipboard also withstands heavy loads.

Plank type flooring

Plank type flooring is an alternative when you require a fully closed steel floor. Plank type flooring has good anti-slip protection and low weight. Because the planks are closed, insulation can be installed in or under the planks.


The railings for the mezzanine are of the sectional railing type and are available in several versions. What railing you need depends on the requirements for child safety, your own requirements as well as the specific environment where you will build the mezzanine.

Railing, Round Bar

A railing focusing on form and design. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Intermediate Rail

The railing is provided with an intermediate rail and is an industrial railing. Not counted as childproof.

Railing, Sheet Metal

Railing in solid or perforated metal. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Woven wire mesh

Railing in crenelated mesh plate. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.

Railing, Glass

Railing filled with glass for an extra finish. Childproof with maximum opening 100 mm.


To increase the flexibility during loading, we also offer automatically closing gates in many different designs. We manufacture gates to meet your wishes.


Support & Fastening

Mezzanines must have different support and bracing options depending on the size of the mezzanine. For mezzanines along walls that can be used, mounting angles can be a good alternative. The most common, however, are support legs. Larger mezzanines can e.g. require cross braces. We will guide you to the right type of support and bracing.

For our mezzanines, we usually always deliver support legs. The support legs of CFRHS profile are adapted to the right load conditions.

Mounting angles can sometimes be a good solution for support and bracing if the mezzanine is close to a wall.

Cross braces are used where required to brace the mezzanine sideways. Used on occasions when only support legs are not enough or there is no possibility of bracing to the wall.

Extra accessories

Weland is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of steel spiral and straight flight staircases. As a result, our experience in this field guarantees the best availability, safety and convenience possible for your mezzanine.

We have a wide range of spiral staircases for both external and internal environments. With its flexible design and architectural image, the spiral staircase can either melt into the background or be a breath-taking eye-catcher.

Our straight staircases are designed for both evacuation and industry and for offices, homes, entrances, public areas and schools etc.

Surface treatment

Our mezzanines are hot dip galvanised as standard. In our own plant, the mezzanines are surface treated to withstand great stress. The method provides a very robust protection against corrosion. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanised