Punching and panel folding


With Sweden's most modern fleet of machinery, we support you from idea to finished product. We can work with most CAD formats and can quickly start-up our production from a complete set of supporting documentation.

Unique opportunities

Weland has four machine lines available for punching. All of the machine lines have unique characteristics to satisfy the market's varying needs. The production lines are equipped with punch, angle shears and automatic folding machines. All of the lines have a high degree of automation, and can handle materials all the way from coils, or the initial sheet metal, to the finished part. We can punch, cut, shape, fold and stack parts on the same line. This provides incredibly great flexibility with short set-up times and high precision. With the correct flow, major time-savings are obtained compared to traditional edge bending.

Holing and bending

Our machine lines for punching are equipped with many tools, allowing us to tackle most forms of holing, grooves, flanging and marking. One of the major advantages with our production lines are the panel folding machines, which automatically fold all sides in single or more complicated folds, e.g. double-fold or at the desired angle. Our panel folding machines are suitable parts intended for store fittings, shelving systems, tool walls and tray plates.

Sweden’s most modern machine line

Weland's most recent investment is an ultramodern production line of a completely unique type. The machine line machines coils, which minimises wastage, since the shearing length of the sheet metal can be optimised. The line is suited to serial production and currently manufactures components such as shop fittings, shelving systems, tool walls and tray plates. The larger and the more unwieldy the component, the more the reason to mass-produce.

Weland's goal is to operate a modern, rational and cost-effective manufacturing.



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