Robot welding


We help you with the welding of small and large components. With two different methods of working, we always start based on your component, when we decide whether welding will be carried out mechanically or manually.

We have certification for both automated and manual welding. If you order completed items that are, for example, laser cut, bent, tumbled and welded by us, you make use of our full potential. You obtain high-quality parts with full control of the delivery, because all of the manufacturing is performed under just one roof.

Manual welding

For parts that are manufactured in small series, manual welding is the best alternative. Weland is certified according to ISO 3834:-3. We carry out welding on our own premises, with welders certified according to SS-EN 287-1.

Robot welding

Robot welding is suitable for serial production and parts that are manufactured in larger volumes. We have robot welding, robot cells with high-performance robots available as well as some ten robots in various size ranges.


Film Sheet metal working