Cutting machining


In our machines, we perform among other things, high precision drilling, reaming and threading. 

Cutting machining

If the precision of the laser cut holes is not sufficient, we carry out reaming or another process in order to attain the correct tolerance. Normally, laser cut holes can be threaded directly, without any other pre-treatment. Horizontal machining with rotating table makes it possible to machine from three sides in a single set-up. We have some 20 Mazak brand machines for cutting machining, including HCN 5000 with PalleTech. All of our machines have unique characteristics to satisfy the market's varying needs.

Robot cell

Our three flexible machining cells provides the option for rapid change-overs.

Drilling and milling with short cycle times results in a very high number of component changes. In many ways, this is costly and non-ergonomic work that requires somebody to be present at the machine at all times to ensure an efficient production. A concept has been developed in the form of a machining cell that combines a high degree of flexibility and the potential for rapid change-overs. The cell consists of a horizontal multi-operation machine. The robot cell includes long conveyor belts that provide the option to buffer for unmanned operation. The cell includes the option to unload completed components at three pallet locations.



Film Sheet metal working