Levelling of laser-cut components


Weland performs levelling, deburring and tumbling of sheet metal components according to your wishes.


We have two levelling machines, an HRC levelling machine and an ARKU FlatMaster 120 200, which levels sheet metal components in thicknesses up to 20 mm and widths up to 2,000 mm to a very high degree of precision.

The levelling machines consist of a number of rollers that, through electro-hydraulic control, automatically regulate roller pressure and feeding to achieve the optimum results. Thanks to the CNC control, no adjustments need to be performed to take into account holes and indentations in the components.


Components can be deburred to remove burrs and sharp edges. This is important in order to obtain good adhesion for future surface treatments, e.g. painting etc. This method simultaneously machines both the upper and lower sides.


Tumbling is especially suitable for deburring small details. The components are tumbled to remove burrs and sharp edges.



Film Sheet metal working