Z-frames enable complete entrance solutions

Weland's range of products now includes Z-frames for entrance gratings. Our Z-frames form part of our extensive range of walkway gratings that we stock and are adapted to the dimensions of these gratings. Entrance gratings with Z-frames are ideal to use in both large and small entrances, and other places such as for low-profile raised floors. The Z-frame has a sophisticated design and is easy to assemble. Coupled with the entrance grating, this makes it a go-to solution for most entrances.

Comprehensive solution – Simpler assembly

We offer a comprehensive solution that works for schools, industries, shops and offices. One major advantage of the Z-frames is that large entrance areas can be covered without the customer needing to embed fixing lugs or install other forged components. In practice, everything can be prepared at the location by making a recess in the ground for the entrance grating and then simply placing the grating and frame on support legs. Bolted joints are the only equipment required for mounting. The frame is also available for embedding, if required. The adjustable support legs make it simple to raise or lower the height.
This ensures a comprehensive solution and simpler assembly for the customer.

Performance & design go hand in hand

The entrance grating plays a very important role for the building. Not only should it look attractive, but it is essential that it works well too, with a good scraping effect to prevent dirt from entering the building.
At the design stage, using our complete solution, it is easy for the land contractor to place tiling or asphalt against the frame, which produces an attractive and more professional look.
Our standard Z-frames are available in BIM, Building Information Modelling, where all the data, such as width, height, materials, surface finish, etc. can be downloaded. By using a BIM object, you simplify the construction process and enable a visual check during the design and planning stage. Our Z-frames are available for download here.
We also offer customised solutions for passenger traffic, etc.

Find out more about our frames or watch our installation video.

Published: 27/08/2018