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World-class laser cutting

When it comes to laser cutting, Weland is very much at the vanguard of development. With our modern laser cutting machines, we cut with high precision and quality. We are constantly working to develop and streamline our processes to make production faster and more sustainable.

Weland laser cutting

We acquired our first laser machine in 1991. It marked the beginning of a fantastic journey. We have now become a leading supplier of laser cutting services and a turnkey collaboration partner within sheet metal working. Thanks to our goal awareness and modern technology, we have created the criteria for sustainable, long-term, and reliable production.


All programming of our laser machines is performed in our drawing office by staff who have many years of experience in laser programming. We work with the latest CAD equipment, with our principal tool being SolidWorks. We are able to handle all common file formats, which means we are perfectly positioned to help you produce digital documentation.


Weland has the capacity to cut more than 160 tonnes of sheet metal every working day. More than 30 laser cutting machines work in shifts to meet our customers’ demands. Most of these machines are equipped with a 10 kW fibre laser, making production faster and more energy efficient.

Fast delivery

In order to satisfy our customers’ requirements and ensure fast deliveries, we have a comprehensive stock of sheet metal and piping on site. At Weland, we always hold at least 6000 tonnes of sheet metal in stock in a very wide range of grades and sizes. If we don’t have a particular item in the warehouse, we can get it quickly thanks to our extensive network of suppliers.

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Laser cutting machine at Weland

Published: 09/11/2021