Welands BIM objects simplify the design process

Weland is constantly working to meet the needs of the market. As a supplier, we think it is important to be able to satisfy our designers, architects and designers with modern and simple tools for a digitized and sustainable construction process. BIM objects create a direct link between our products and prescriptive links in the construction industry and make our products more accessible. By using BIM objects, you as an architect, designer or designer can ensure the right product information and simplify both the construction and design process.

What is BIM?

BIM stands for "Building Information Model". In the cloud service BIMobject Cloud, companies upload their products as virtual, intelligent models in 3D, so-called BIM objects. The objects can then be downloaded and used by architects, engineers, designers and designers. For Weland, the presence at BIMobject is a way to meet demand and make us more accessible to our customers.

The BIM objects can be used to analyze design alternatives and create visualizations that help stakeholders understand what the product will look like in a specific environment already in the design stage. The objects give you improved opportunities to search and find information, a better overview of the project, better estimation of cost, time and materials, and clear visualization via virtual environment.

Each item is provided with complete technical information such as description, specification of materials, links to product sheets, product certificates, assembly-related information, classifications and other properties that can be listed and made searchable. Among Weland's BIM range, you will find selected products from our range, such as spiral stairs, straight stairs, walkways, railings and outdoor furniture.

Smart solution for digitization of the construction industry

A big advantage of having products on BIMobject is that customers from new segments and markets can find Weland's products and get in touch with the sales team in an easy way.

The biggest benefit is that already in the design and engineering stage, the architect or designer knows that the product fits exactly and is placed in the right place, ie they can easily make collision checks with other details in the 3D drawings. The architect gets access to a ready-made model to download and does not have to make modifications afterwards, which saves an enormous amount of time and work.

BIM objects make Weland ready for the future

In 2020, the 3D models from Weland have received many downloads - and the interest is high. The fact that we have followed the technological development within both CAD and BIM is an important prerequisite for the future as BIM is about to become a legal requirement in neighboring countries, especially in public administration.

For more information or to download 3D models, read more here. 

One of our BIM-objects is Weland staircase with 16 steps per revolution, available in radius from 600 to 1000 mm.

One of our BIM-objects is Weland staircase with 16 steps per revolution, available in radius from 600 to 1000 mm.

Published: 14/10/2020