Weland gears up sustainability work

Weland has begun its sustainability journey towards reaching selected goals from Agenda 2030. Jonas Holmgren is pushing the work forward. "We work for the next generation to also have opportunities," says Jonas Holmgren, environmental and certification manager at Weland.

For almost thirteen years, Jonas Holmgren has worked with environmental issues and sustainability at Weland. In the future, he will survey the companies' sustainability work to find possible ways forward. For example, he has helped Hylte Print with environmentally friendly initiatives such as Nordic Ecolabelled printing and choosing wood from sustainable forestry.

- We have a good foundation to stand on because we have worked with sustainability issues for many years. But you can always do more, says Jonas Holmgren.

Electric cars and sustainable production

When Agenda 2030 reaches its end, Jonas Holmgren hopes that Weland has come a long way in the sustainability work. However, the time horizon is shorter than that - already in a few years, Weland aims to have made major changes. Right now, energy efficiency improvements, electric cars, electric poles and sustainable products are in focus.

- All businesses have different conditions and we start with Weland in Smålandsstenar and then see where we can expand. We will select some environmental goals from Agenda 2030 and find a width that will allow them to be used in more companies. It is about creating sustainable products in a sustainable production, but also weaving in both economic and social sustainability, concludes Jonas Holmgren.

Agenda 2030 in brief

  • Consists of 17 global goals for sustainable development.

  • In addition to clean climate goals, there are also social sustainability goals such as reducing inequality between countries, promoting health and well-being and decent working conditions.

  • In order for Sweden to show the way to sustainable development, the entire community must be involved.


Published: 26/05/2020