Weland is meeting digital demand

When Weland AB published sectional railing as its first product in BIMobject's cloud service, BIMobject Cloud, two milestones were reached. For Weland, it meant that it had delivered yet another digital and customised solution for its products. The milestone for BIMobject was Weland becoming the 1000th company to publish a product in the cloud service.

Companies upload their products to the BIMobject Cloud as virtual 3D models, so/called BIM objects. The objects can then be downloaded and used by architects, engineers, draftsmen and designers. Having a presence on BIMobject offers Weland a means of meeting demand and being more accessible to its customers.

Mattias Andersson, Head of Marketing at Weland AB, emphasises the importance of staying on your toes and being ready to respond to market needs. He adds that it just keeps on getting more important as a supplier to be able to offer digital objects to both architects and designers.

"The demand from our customers for BIM objects has increased. So, it feels like a natural step to be even more accessible as a supplier and to publish products on BIMobject Cloud," Mattias says.

Thomas Salomonsson, CEO for Industrireklam, which is part of the Weland group of companies, is enthusiastic about the possibilities arising from being able to integrate directly with designers and architects.

"Publishing our products in the BIMobject Cloud is in line with our strategy of reaching out and being even more accessible to our customers. The cloud service allows us to reach our customers as early as the design stage," Thomas says.

As design manager, Daniel Vågenäs sees the presence on BIMobject Cloud as a way to satisfy the market's needs. He says that the whole industry is becoming increasingly digital.

"It is exciting that a family company with deep Swedish roots can combine its experience from traditional industry with being innovative, progressive and adaptable in order to respond to market needs and requirements," he says.

Published: 13/10/2017