Weland is relaunching its Fire Extinguishing Grating

The Weland Fire Extinguishing Grating is a completely new type of fire suppression grating that, thanks to its unique design, has properties that suppress an oil fire in three seconds. The grating has been specially developed for fire extinguishing pits, for example, in transformer substations. Fire suppression grating has been part of Weland's range for many years. The properties and design of the grating have now been carefully developed to make it the go-to choice for the offshore and petrochemical industries. The fire extinguishing grating is extremely corrosion resistant and suitable for industrial areas with an aggressive climate.

From idea to realisation

Weland works relentlessly to improve its products and it was Jonas Holmgren, Environmental and Certification Manager at Weland AB, who had the idea of improving the fire extinguishing grating.

"The idea for the new grating came to me at home while I was sketching different ways of improving both slip resistance and extinguishing capacity. The focus was on performance and not following previous production solutions," Jonas Holmgren says.

When results exceed expectations

The updated product was a great improvement on the previous grating in more ways than one.
The majority of tests for oil fires show excellent results with an extinction time of just three seconds. The new grating is more corrosion resistant and its surface provides a better grip if spilt oil makes it slippery. Moreover, the fire extinguishing grating is extremely good value for money, thanks to more efficient handling.

The design and manufacturing departments worked long and closely to produce results that exceed all expectations.

"Seeing the idea as a completed product was an amazing feeling," Jonas Holmgren concludes.

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Published: 04/04/2019