Weland – a strong brand in Denmark

Weland – a strong brand in Denmark

Weland  & Sønner is one of Weland AB’s four foreign subsidiaries, in addition to those in Norway, Finland and Germany. There has been a sales office in Denmark since 1981. Weland now has seven employees in Taastrup, which is located between Copenhagen and Roskilde. Weland & Sønner A/S has developed into a strong brand in Denmark – including the Faroe Islands and Greenland – largely thanks to the breadth of its product range and its extensive network of contacts.

 Weland & Sønner primarily sells products from Weland AB and Weland Stål, although also some from Weland Aluminium. Its customers are found within a wide range of sectors, including power stations, workshops, the medical sector, schools, industry, construction, housing, hotels and restaurants. 

Broad product range and high level of expertise

“Our strength lies in the breadth of our product range. For example, we can supply spiral staircases, ramps, gratings and mezzanines. There are many competitors for each of these products in Denmark, but nobody else manufactures all of them. We also perform installation on the customer’s premises, and we have two permanent teams of subcontractors who work for us on a daily basis. We have been collaborating with them for thirty years,” explains Henrik Hansen, CEO of Weland & Sønner.

Rapidly growing market

Henrik can see considerable opportunities to grow by increasing the market share for more of the Weland Group’s products on the Danish market.

“At present, we are mostly growing in the mezzanine market. Straight flight staircases are also on the rise, and we believe that these may experience strong growth once we have made greater inroads on the custom staircase market,” says Henrik Hansen.

Different business cultures

A small stretch of water, so short that it is possible to see from Helsingborg to Helsingør, is all that separates Sweden from Denmark, and yet the business cultures in the two countries are completely different.

“Danish customers want to have much greater influence over the product than Swedish customers. Swedish customers have greater trust in the supplier’s expertise, as there are more large companies there. Many Danish companies buy in and refine goods, and Denmark has relatively large exports, despite the fact that the manufacturing sector is relatively small. This in turn means that we have to know a great deal about regulations in other countries, in order to answer our customers’ questions and satisfy their needs,” explains Henrik Hansen.

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Published: 11/09/2020