Tube Laser Cutting

Tube laser cutting – world-class competence and capacity

Weland AB is a complete tube laser cutting supplier with many years of experience and knowledge of and about cutting in both sheets and tubes. In fact, almost half of Sweden's tube laser cutting machines can be found at Weland in Smålandsstenar. This contributes to the fact that we are today the Nordic region's leading player in tube laser cutting. In this article, we explain more about what tube laser cutting is and what opportunities Weland can offer the market.

Why tube laser cutting?
Tube laser cutting is used to cut tubes with high precision and is a cost-effective and fast method for hole punching, milling or similar tube machining. Tube laser cutting makes it possible to cut tubes, beams, standard and special profiles with very high precision. Tube laser is a competitive process that is completely superior to complex tube processing. It is quite possible to cut details that previously had to be milled. Since everything is done rationally and at a pace, it opens up entirely new opportunities for designers and designers, as technology gives them the opportunity to radically develop the designs.

There are many uses for laser-cut tubes and profiles. Tube laser cutting offers an unlimited production spectrum and unique design opportunities for the automotive industry, the furniture industry, the architectural industry and other industries.

Unique design possibilities
Tube lasers, in combination with standard lasers, can open up to sophisticated design solutions, where the precision of the respective process is used to achieve tenon cutting. Tenon cutting is a smart method that makes it possible to fix tubes and sheets with each other. By using the tenon cutting method, you save a lot of time and get better precision in upcoming operations such as mounting or welding.

 Many of our machines are equipped with a moveable cutting head, which enables 3D cutting. With the help of 3D cutting, joint preparation for upcoming welding, holes or phase cutting is performed. Therefore, the tube laser technology can also help to make the next assembly and welding process more efficient. We also have the opportunity to perform threading directly in the machine, which can make it possible to avoid a slow post-processing rate. It becomes cost-effective and gives short lead times.

Modern machinery with great flexibility
Weland has one of the world's most modern and comprehensive tube laser cutting machine fleets to meet the market's various requirements and needs. We have a large production capacity gathered under one roof, which enables great service and fast deliveries. We can cut tubes up to 18,000 mm in length and 508 mm in diameter. Weland has an extensive stock of raw materials in stock for fast delivery.

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Published: 23/06/2020