Workers in Weland factory

Swedish quality at Weland

At Weland AB, “Swedish quality” are not just empty words to which we give lip service, they are emblematic of every aspect of our business. All our products are manufactured in Sweden, with a focus on sustainability. For us, this means manufacturing high quality products that have a long service life.

In 1947, Veland Andersson and Johannes Johannesson made their first wing nuts in Smålandsstenar. The company that gradually evolved into Weland AB is still going here in Smålandsstenar, but now in significantly larger premises and with a modern machine park. All our products are manufactured on a factory floor that measures just over 100,000 m2.

Long term development

Our Småland heritage is reflected in how we manage our resources, whilst also constantly investing in new development. This approach ensures that we can lay the foundations for a long term and secure production. As a customer, you can always count on receiving Swedish-made quality products from Weland AB. All our gratings, fixings, stair treads, and railings are manufactured on site in Småland.

Anchored in the local community

Having all our expertise and production on a single site has several benefits - we can be flexible, fast, and efficient. Weland AB is a family company that seeks to preserve that family feeling and create a secure and stable corporate culture. Opportunities for development and having all our expertise close at hand gives us a team of skilled and committed employees who can offer our customers a personalised, bespoke service. By concentrating all production in a single location we can guarantee fast deliveries and easily find the right solutions for each customer.

Quality equals confidence

It is important for us that, as a customer of Weland AB, you feel confident having us as a partner. In our quality policy, you can read more about what our quality work actually entails. Our goal is that, after receiving their delivery, each customer is converted into a return customer. You should be able to trust that we keep our promises and that our products satisfy the most stringent requirements and expectations. We help you every step of the way in all your projects.

Red building with Weland staircase by Swedish lake

Published: 25/08/2021