Straight flight staircases for all environments

Weland AB offers Swedish-made straight flight staircases for most environments with short delivery times. With several different choices, we tailor the stairs to your requirements. In this article, we explain more about one of our best-selling products and guide you to the optimal solution for your particular environment.

Customize the stairs as desired
Weland offers the market's widest range of steel stairs, and with us it is easy to adapt the product according to your specific requirements and wishes. Our straight flight staircases are available in a variety of designs that suit both industrial environments and indoor environments such as offices, entrances, and other public premises. Choose from everything from simpler industrial railings with only one follower in the middle, to child-safe railing options with filling of round bar, sheet metal or woven wire net. Railing with glass is also offered to give the stairs an extra high finish. If the stairs are to be outdoors, it is delivered hot-dip galvanized as standard, which provides very strong protection against corrosion. Weland has modern painting facilities and can supply stairs in most colors.

Many choices
The stair treads are available in several variants - everything from durable grating flooring or slit plank type flooring that is suitable for industrial environments. For office or public environments, steps made of terrazzo concrete or wood such as oak are popular choices. We can also equip our stairs with handrails and extra supervisors. The guide, handrails on the wall and any extra guides for the railings are usually delivered of pipes, but we also offer alternatives with wood.

Made in Sweden in a modern machine park
Weland's efficient production line generates high quality and short delivery times as well as a staircase with great dimensional accuracy. We are confident with the idea of ​​manufacturing all our products here in Sweden for the Swedish market.

We know that with the help of our modern and strong production facilities, we can manufacture steel stairs quickly and of high quality.

We know that our products are very durable. Not only sustainable because they are made of steel and the material itself has a long life, but also the knowledge that they are environmentally sustainable and built on proven solutions and new energy-efficient production lines.

Easy assembly and fast deliveries
To make it easier for you as a customer, our stairs only consist of a few main components. With it’s simple construction, the easy-to-handle parts are easily screwed together during assembly. No welding is necessary during assembly! We have a large number of stocked components, which means that we can guarantee short delivery times. The stairs for evacuation and industry can be delivered with extra short delivery time.

Complete with options
The stairs can be equipped with a protective cage in a lattice floor or perforated sheet metal or a gate to prevent unauthorized persons from climbing the stairs. To further guarantee accessibility and safety, we recommend that our straight stairs be equipped with contrast marking and arch railings.

Do you need help finding a straight flight staircase that suits your environment? Contact our experienced sellers.

Straight flight staircase with railing, intermediate rail.

Straight flight staircase with railing, intermediate rail.

Published: 17/11/2020