The Product’s Journey: The Customer

In the series of articles entitled "The Product’s Journey", you get to follow along behind the scenes and learn more about the process for one of our best-selling products: the spiral staircase. In earlier stages of the spiral staircase's journey, we have met colleagues from reception, sales, design, production and stores. Now it's time for the final destination: the customer. We meet Daniel Karlsson, a partner in Byggklason i Vimmerby AB, who has ordered many spiral staircases from Weland AB.

"We are extremely pleased with both the products and the service at Weland," Daniel says. "Weland's spiral staircases are of excellent quality and Weland is a reliable supplier."

Spiral staircases for different types of premises.
Byggklason has ordered spiral staircases for a large number of building projects at various customers, such as the brewer, Åbro Bryggeri. The staircases can now be found everywhere, from industrial premises to open plan offices. "We have ordered spiral staircases for both indoor and outdoor environments," Daniel says. "They have been special staircases in steel, staircases for floor tiles and different types of special solutions."

Reliability and service
We are a building company, and having reliable suppliers, who can both deliver on time and solves any problems that appear along the way, is important.

 "Weland keeps its promises," Daniel says. "The staircases come when they are supposed to. If there have been any problems, Weland has always been willing and helped out."

Some premises have conditions that require special solutions. Daniel is pleased with the service Byggklason receives from Weland. "When there's been a need. Weland's salesforce has been attentive to our needs and offered all the help needed to make sure we obtain the right solutions for the staircase," Daniel says.

Why Weland?
Of course, the quality is important. Daniel also thinks that Weland's spiral staircases are value for money. Good products, good service and reliable delivery make Weland a natural choice as supplier. All of this is achieved thanks to the cooperation that has been described in this series of articles about the product's journey. Together, we attain the targets for the product: satisfied customers who obtain a high quality spiral staircase.

Daniel Karlsson, Byggklason i Vimmerby AB

Daniel Karlsson, Byggklason i Vimmerby AB

Published: 31/03/2021