The Product’s Journey, part 5: Warehouse and logistics

In the article series "The Product’s Journey", you get to go behind the scenes and meet our knowledgeable employees who guide you through the process for one of our best-selling products: the spiral staircase. In previous parts of the spiral staircase journey, we have met select employees from reception, sales, construction and production. In part 5, we meet Thomas Klarén, warehouse manager at Weland AB for the past 13 years.

“My areas of responsibility are mainly in warehousing, logistics and the staff there. I am also responsible for truck training, safety issues, and fire & accident preparedness at the company,” says Thomas.

The staff at the warehouse work with tasks throughout the production flow and are divided into different groups that work with everything from delivery and internal transport logistics to order picking and forwarding.

4200 items in stock
The spiral staircase is one of Weland's best-selling products, and with a large number of stocked components, the company can offer fast deliveries. Our logistics department with loading / unloading covers about 8000m2, and the raw material warehouse consists of about 4400 items. In terms of articles, there are currently about 4,200 items in stock. The warehouse is constantly evolving to cover the changing needs of the market.

“A large warehouse gives us more space in the number of orders that can be registered before the warehouse capacity runs out. We can provide quick delivery notice when the warehouse covers the need. As orders are registered, the need for manufacturing arises for the stock replenishment and this then gives us the opportunity to control our production in a favorable way,” says Thomas.

Weland also uses several variants of vertical storage lifts from the logistics experts Weland Solutions, which provide increased storage capacity and fast availability for order picking.

Close cooperation - a great strength
Thomas believes that collaboration is an important part of everyday life - and a strength in Weland's product offering. Close cooperation is especially important when it comes to the spiral staircase, where it is a matter of offering a space-smart solution that is adapted to each customer's unique needs.

“Working with staff who appreciate problem solutions that we achieve together feels very inspiring. I myself participate in many collaborations with sales, preparation, production and quality, which has given me a large network of colleagues from most departments at Weland. Together, we make sure to keep our promises to customers,” says Thomas.

Thomas thrives in his role as warehouse manager and looks positively on Weland's investments for the future.

“Weland is a real family business that feels safe and stable. I have good reason to say so as both my parents worked here until their retirement. Two of my children have worked here during their holiday breaks from studies and my third child is looking forward to doing so as well. There is a lot of tradition within the walls of Weland where many have enjoyed long employments. The company is investing heavily and for the long-term in many areas, which gives us employees a high level of faith in the future,” Thomas concludes.

When we deliver our spiral staircases to our customers, we set the highest standards for quality, longevity and safety. We always strive to be a committed and solution-oriented partner for our customers' projects. In the final part of the Product's Journey, we will share how the spiral staircase is delivered and then assembled on site at the customer.

Thomas Klarén, Warehouse Manager, Weland AB

Thomas Klarén, Warehouse Manager, Weland AB

Published: 20/01/2021