Increased efficiency and ergonomics with pull-out units

Weland AB has a complete range of pull-out units in varying sizes and models. Our pull-out units for pallet racks facilitate the work of handling pick-up goods on pallets. With easily accessible goods and the right products, the workplace becomes more ergonomic and inventory management becomes more efficient. Here we explain some of the benefits of our pull-out units and how they can streamline your inventory management.

Maximum ergonomic handling
Pull-out units provide good access to the goods while giving you a comfortable working position, which reduces the risk of wear and tear injuries that often occur when handling materials. You easily pull out the pallet and get better access to the goods while you get a more ergonomic working position. The locking device on the product is easy to maneuver, pinch protected and is released with a simple touch and locks automatically in the bottom position. The handle is available as an option.

Save space and increase productivity
With a low-built pull-out unit, you can reduce the distance between the levels in a pallet rack and thereby compress your warehouse. This means that the number of pallet places and the number of picking levels can be increased due to a minimum of free height to the supporting beam. Therefore, pull-out units are a cost-effective warehousing solution that also increases staff productivity and picking speed.

Beam or floor design
The pull-out unit is available as standard in beam and floor versions. The beam model is intended for mounting on the horizontal supporting beams in the pallet rack. In the floor version, the pull-out unit is provided with four support legs to make truck handling possible. The floor model's raised handles facilitate extraction and provide a comfortable working position.

For small and large goods
The units fit most pallet racks and can be adapted to the type of goods. In addition to units for pallet storage, we can also offer special units for heavy and awkward goods that cannot be stored on pallets, such as pipes, plates, heavy molds, etc. The extraction units are available in variants for loads of 700 kg and 1,000 kg with an extraction capacity of 65 - 70%. The units can also be adapted for, for example, longer pull-out capacity.

Delivered assembled
To make it easy for you as a customer, our pull-out units are delivered pre-assembled. The standard color is blue (RAL 5010) but other colors are available on request. Contact us for more information.

Complete with accessories
We offer several functional options to adapt the pull-out units as needed. In the floor version, the pull-out unit is supplemented with a floor set containing four feet and a handle. The product can also be supplemented with a picking shelf with a covered surface and a metal box that is adapted for a pallet collar. Sheet protection plate is also available as an accessory. These are placed at the rear edge to prevent goods from falling down when, for example, the unit is pushed back with force.

Want to know more about our pull-out units? Read more here or contact our experienced sales staff for more information. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your particular warehouse.

Published: 01/12/2020