New machine line for better production

Weland AB has invested in a new production line fitted with punching and panel bending machinery. It is one-of-a-kind and Sweden's most modern machine line in its class. The machine line is capable of punching, shearing, moulding, bending and stacking components on pallets in one and the same flow. Fully automated. Compared with traditional production, the flow guarantees higher capacity, while simultaneously being cost-effective and time-saving.

Higher capacity

The machine processes coils, which minimises wastage, since it is possible to optimise the shearing length of the sheet metal. The line is suited to serial production and currently manufactures components such as shop fittings, shelving systems, tool walls and tray plates. The larger and the more unwieldy the component, the more the reason to mass-produce in Weland's new machine line.

"The new machine line has enabled us to increase the capacity and productivity of our already highly efficient fleet of machinery. Production processes can now be made even more cost-effective and flexible, with fully-automated production and pallet stacking of advanced sheet metal components," says Lars Kennethsson, Head of Sales at Weland AB.


We work with most CAD formats and can quickly launch our production from a ready set of supporting documents. We also have a design department that is happy to assist if a customer requires assistance with drawings or CAD data.


Published: 13/11/2017