New machine for tube laser cutting

Weland has invested in a new machine for tube laser cutting, a Fabri Gear 400 3D from Mazak.
The new tube laser cutting machine has an integrated tapping function. This is Weland's seventeenth tube laser machine and is a welcome addition to our already lean and efficient production operations.

Tube laser with machining head

What's special about this machine is the integrated machining head for tapping holes.
The option to tap profiles directly in the machine thus saves time and unnecessary changes of operation.
6 thread taps are placed in the machine, which means a maximum of 6 different threads can be tapped per tube. The machine can handle the most common screw stocks, from M3 to M12, and tubes of up to 12 metres in length with a diameter of 400 mm. The movable cutting head can cut the most complex profiles.

An extraordinary fleet of machinery

Over the years, Weland has built up an impressive fleet of tube laser cutting machinery to meet the various needs and requirements of the market. We have machines with fixed cutting heads and movable cutting heads.
Weland also offers fibre-optic tube laser cutting that is suitable for highly-reflective materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. This is a more environmentally-friendly process that uses up to 80 per cent less energy.
Our fleet of machinery also includes two Jumbo 3D tube laser machines capable of cutting parts up to 508 mm in diameter and 18 metres long.
Together with Weland's new investment, this has boosted capacity in this heavy-duty machining sector too.

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Published: 09/11/2018