New levelling machine

Weland AB is committed to becoming a leading subcontractor and increasing its production capacity and has therefore invested in its second straightening machine.

FlatMaster® from the German supplier ARKU

This time, the company chose a FlatMaster® 120 200 from the German supplier ARKU. The machine is a solid construction, weighing an incredible 58 tonnes. ARKU's long experience of building straightening machines is a guarantee of excellent performance.
The CNC-controlled machine has the capacity to straighten 2,000 mm wide blanks up to 15 mm thick, made of materials with a yield strength of up to 355 N/mm². At a thickness of 20 mm, it can handle a width of 1,000 mm with the same yield strength.

Well equipped

The machine is well equipped with barcode readers for fast scanning, thickness gauges for exact measurement of ingoing materials and ARKU's FlatJack®, which can measure the flatness of straightened parts using laser technology.

Weland's fleet of machinery already includes an HRC 80 straightening machine.
The company is well positioned for the future with two state-of-the-art straightening machines under one roof.

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Published: 21/09/2018