Nominated for the Visa Vägen (Showing the Way) award

For the second year running, Weland has been nominated for the prestigious Visa Vägen award.

Employer of the year

The award is presented by Samhall in recognition of employers who understand the importance of seeing an individuals capacity rather than their limitations.
The award is divided into two categories: Employer of the Year and Enthusiast of the Year. More than 600 employers and enthusiasts have been nominated this year. Weland has been put forward for the Employer of the Year award.

"We have been working in partnership with Samhall for many years and our relationship has developed further in the last year with Samhall taking on the responsibility for Welands operation and maintenance of the alignment and joint preparation process. This is a two-shift system managed by Samhalls own operations lead. Over the years, Weland has seen the positive effects of the partnership and is pleased and proud to be nominated this year," says Björn Henriksson.

Weland is thus hoping to be able to carry on spreading the word about Samhalls work and creating more job opportunities. Regional elimination heats will be held for this years award before the 18 regional winners meet at a nationwide final at the Visa Vägen gala in Stockholm on the 19th of November.

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Published: 19/06/2018