Light up your spiral staircase

We are proud to introduce unique handrails with LED lighting for our spiral staircases. The lighting creates new opportunities for enhancing the function, safety and appearance of the staircase. With smart lighting in the staircase railing, you obtain a spiral staircase that is both practical and elegant.

Handrail with LED lighting
The handrail with LED lighting for spiral staircases is a new unique product that is now available in the standard range.  It is easily ordered as an accessory for spiral staircases. The handrail with lighting is available in stainless steel and suits spiral staircases indoors and outdoors. The lighting is a decorative complement to the staircase, enhancing its functionality and safety.

Brilliant spiral staircases
Thanks to the LED lighting in the handrail, using the staircase is safer and more secure. It makes it easier to see where you're putting your feet when it is dark or otherwise gloomy, which is very practical in environments where safety comes first.

The lighting also creates an exciting opportunity to light your spiral staircase in totally new ways. A spiral staircase with lighting in the handrail makes an elegant eye-catcher, both indoors and outdoors. The LED lighting gives the spiral staircase an exclusive appearance and it becomes an interesting component of the design.

Weland spiral staircases
Our spiral staircases are available in an extensive range for many different types of environment. At Weland, you can find high quality, sustainable staircases that are made in Sweden. With our flexible solutions, finding space-effective spiral staircases to match your needs is easy. Please contact us [link] for more information.

Railings with lighting
If you like the lighting concept, we also have handrails with lighting for our sectional railings. They create a light and pleasant environment where they are placed and have become a very popular accessory.

Published: 24/03/2021