Laser-cut parts for rubbish chutes

Weland has been supplying rubbish chutes for Envac's state-of-the-art automatic waste collection systems since last October. Envac is the world leader in automated waste management. Weland is responsible for the entire production operation, from the raw materials to the finished product ready for installation.

Weland has recently started supplying rubbish chutes. Weland has agreed to supply 150 rubbish chutes to Envac each year. Weland has produced the materials and has laser-cut, bent, rolled, welded, surface-treated and partially-fabricated the chutes. The rubbish chutes have been powder coated to make them resistant to weather and wind.

Huge storage area

Weland has an extensive fleet of machines and warehousing space which enable it to offer cost-effective production and short delivery times.

"Being able to manufacture large volumes instead of individual units makes it more cost-effective for the customer. We also have extensive warehousing space that allows us to have the products in stock and keep delivery times to two or three weeks instead of eight," explains Isak Bengtsson, Sales Executive at Weland.

World-leading company

Envac is the world leader in automated waste management and has 35 offices in 22 countries.

Published: 28/06/2017